To advance in any martial art, you take belt ranking exams. It is to show your Teacher (Sensei) you have mastered a certain level of knowledge so he can start teaching you the next level. When you rank test and succesfully pass your exam, you will be allowed to wear a belt, in our style the first belt you can get is the White belt. It shows you have mastered the basics of the style you are studying. Later when more students have different levels your belt color also helps the Sensei and other students (Deshi) to quickly determine the level of knowledge you have. Higher ranking Deshi are supposed to help the lower ranking Deshi if they need assistance.
To apply for an exam, Students (Dehsi) need to fill out a form. This helps our jonin (highest ranking Ninja of the school) to prepare the exams. If you have difficulties filling out the form, there will be application forms available in the Dojo, to fill out together with our Jonin.
The rank application Form is displayed below.