(For students age 14+)

Our training hall (Dojo) is based in Lunigiana, the northern part of Tuscany. It has been set up according to our Japanese traditions. Our outside training area (Campo Dojo) has been built with care to encompass the traditional elements of earth, water, fire, wind and void.

So we have indoor and outdoor training facilities wich have
historical links to the ancient ways of training our martial art.

Practising our Ninjutsu style should bring you balance in your life.
It is both a mental and physical exploration.

I hope to guide you on your journey soon!

Jonin Arnout
Founder of The Iguru Ninjutsu Ryu

What We Offer

Iguru Ninjutsu
Learn the martial art of the Ninja ~ Iguru Ninjutsu-style. Great for those with no or little training in martial arts. Group setting, with individual support
Iguru Kamaejutsu
Train in the postures of the Iguru Ninjutsu style without the combat part of it. Kamaejutsu is the Ninjutsu style similar to Tai Chi or some types of yoga.
Godai Meiso
Classes with guided meditation based on the 5 elements of nature:
Earth (Chi), Water (Sui), Fire (Ka), WInd (Fu) and Void (Ku).

Come train with us!

We have multiple training hours every week, so if you want to train with us, please look at our training schedule. It would be nice to see you for a FREE introduction lesson. After that you will have a good sence of what and how we train. You can decide better if you know what to expect. Start your journey in self-improvement now.
Questions? fill out the contact form and let’s meet in the Dojo!

We are proud of what we achieve

Some of our facts

Our Ninjutsu style is based on the teachings of the original Bujinkan of Soke Hatsumi Masaaki and some of his highest graded students who are now teaching the arts to others. Our Sensei has trained with several of these teachers for more then 24 years.
Our style is formed by these teachings and is in constant development. We teach: Ninjutsu (full contact martial arts), Kamaejutsu (Non-combative postures in motion) and Godai Meiso (5 elements of nature meditation). When students advance in our style, they will progress from 10 kyu white belt to black belt and are able to earn 5 circles of knowledge, indicating their level of knowledge of the style and level of meditation experience.


Circles of knowledge


Styles we teach


Years of experience in the style